Aвтоматическая настенная сушилка для рук, пластмассовый серый корпус


  • jet wall mounted hand dryer
  • comes into operation and stops automatically inserting and removing your hands
  • fast drying because of drying from both sides
  • water drains to the tank placed in the bottom part of the dryer, no floor pollution by water under the dryer
  • plastic cover
Арт. № 79012
Название SLO 01S

Спецификация поставки

SLO 01S - supply No. 79012 - automatic wall mounted hand dryer, grey colour

Технические данные

Dimensions: 650 x 300 x 230 mm
Operating voltage: 230V/50 Hz
Air flow: 300 km/ h
Protection: class II, IP 31
Weight: 9,5 kg
Volume: < 70 dB
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