SLS 03

Настенное управление душем с термостатическим смесителем, верхний излив, 24 В пост.


  • function of automatic water stop after 5 minut of continuous flow
  • SLS 03 is destined for cold and hot water, temperature of water is regulated by automatic thermostatic mixer, pressure of hot and cold water must be the same
  • safety fuse against scalding
  • water is flowing as long as an user is in the active range, minimum stay time in active range is 2 seconds
  • water stops flowing after adjustable time (0,25 - 7,75 sec.)
  • possibility of changing of time delay, active range and switching off by SLD 03
  • easy mountage
Арт. № 02030
Название SLS 03

Спецификация поставки

SLS 03 - supply No. 02030 - chromium-plated shower control body with an integrated electronics; built-in thermostatic mixer and electromagnetic valve (1 pc.); regulating tap connection (2 pcs.); chromium-plated cover (2 pcs.); filter (2 pcs.); mounting set; shower set isn´t a part of delivery!

Технические данные

Water inlet spacing: 150 mm
Operating voltage: 24V DC
Active range: standard 0,3 - 0,7 m, START/STOP program 0,05 - 0,1 m
Recommended flow pressure: 0,1 - 0,6 MPa
Water inlet: male thread G 1/2˝
Water outlet: male thread G 3/4˝
Temperature regulation: by automatic thermostic mixer
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